The “practice” of Rubber Fetish


A “Practice” is a rather elusive concept.

Thinking of your rubber fetish as a “practice” is a way of saying it has Purpose.

Your purpose may be to simply “feel good” or maybe it is a bit deeper. You may, for example, wear rubber to help you find your “center”. Some may think of a “heavy rubber session” as a way of cleansing themselves of the cares of the world. It may be a kind of catharsis, etc.

Purpose is a little bit different from having a “goal”. A goal, such as climbing a mountain or moving to Buenos Aires has a specific, identifyable ending. In contrast, a “practice” is open-ended. It is “what you do”, and always will. For example, the “practice” of a doctor is to heal the sick, which never really has an ending.

The process of thinking of doing your rubber fetish activities as part of your “Rubberist practice” gives them reason de ‘etre, or a sense of purpose. You do them for a reason. The more you can define or, at least explain, your purpose for wearing rubber, the more you justify and validate it to yourself and the rest of the world. (Hint: don’t get lost in psychobabble about how you got to be a Rubberist. Concentrate, instead, on why you find satisfaction in being one!)

Why do YOU “practice” your rubber fetish? Think about it!

5 thoughts on “The “practice” of Rubber Fetish

  1. Dear Ataraxia , my fetish is down on me . I am unable to think about it . To ask me why . I tried a lot of times giving me some half answer . My fetish is a part of me , i need to play it i need to be part of it. Everyday i think of it and every time i’d like to play and if it’s impossible to satisfie my desire for too much time i can note a change in me , my soul my being are directly connected with my fetish .

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  2. You said: “my fetish is down on me . I am unable to think about it .”

    I do not understand this language. Could you explain what you mean, please. Thanks


  3. Dear Ataraxia , the problem is my bad English. << My fetish is down me , it's part of me , every moment i think of it every moment i would like to play , to be in plastic .I often asked me why i am so attracted , why i am enslaved by plastic . I allways got half answers . I can say that plastic rules my life


    1. Dear Ataraxia , maybe i really don’t understand the meaning of ”practice”
      Well , i play my fetish everymoment of my life , watching a pic , thinking of it , touching something special i allways keep with me. When i can dress my self , when i put myself in cellophane is the top moment , is the ritual that make me mett my Goddes


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