Carpe Rubber Diem!

Carpe Rubber Diem!Seize the Rubber Day!

Your fetish is a gift. Celebrate it!

One way to do celebrate it by wearing rubber mind fully and with a sense of purpose and devotion to yourself. Let it add new levels of richness, passion and depth to your life well beyond the sexual side of it. Make it “sacred” in your mind. Ritualize it. Wear your rubber as a “symbolic action with style” which speaks to your mind and heart but does not need to make sense in a literal context. Cultivate a sensitivity to symbolism and metaphors. Use your rubber rituals to provoke your imagination and creativity in the mundane acts of everyday life.  In a life animated by rituals there are no insignificant things. Think of your garments as a “shrine” to your inner being.  Try doing simple rubber acts every day, solely and deliberately, for the purpose of doing those acts as an end in themselves. They do not need to be grandiose or lengthy or involved. Doing them with regularity is much more important.  Focus your attention on the “now” of the rubber on your body. Practice rubber mindfulness. Keep in mind that rituals are symbolic acts. Wear rubber for the sake of wearing rubber.

(Note that a “ritual” is an act or symbolic gesture deliberately intended to mark an event as special or sacred. It need not be logically connected to nature of the event itself. Shaking hands when you meet someone is a classic example of a ritual to symbolically mark the occasion as being special. It can be totally spontaneous, unrehearsed, unscripted and it need not be repeated. It is the intent of the ritual that matters. It is very different from a “habit” which is mindless repetition of a mundane act. A “habit” lacks the deliberate intent of a ritual.)

This does NOT mean that you have to wear several layers of rubber for hours and hours, totally enclosed, etc.  Certainly, these more demanding, intense activities can be rituals, but there are also many, many much simpler, much less demanding rituals as well. For example, you might keep a box of disposable latex gloves in your car and create a daily ritual of deliberately wearing a rubber glove only on your left hand during your commute to work.  This simple act, done regularly and with a sense of purpose and ritual symbolism, becomes an act of devotion. It is a way to “seize the rubber day” and express your life more creatively as an “art”, which makes it more worth living.

Research the concept of “mindfulness”. This is a very simple meditative technique that anyone can do virtually any time, any where and for very short bursts of time — even just a few seconds at a time.. It can be readily adapted to your rubber rituals and will add significant depth to them and, ultimately, richness to your life.

Be an explorer of your soul — a pioneer. Look for possible pathways to spirituality through your fetish. Think of yourself as a kind of “Priest/ess” of your own temple. Seek value, virtue and substance well beyond mere sexuality in your fetish. Use your fetish energy to create a personal culture to improve the quality of your life and, perhaps, enhancing it’s spirituality whilst not disturbing or conflicting with your real “religion”. Think of it more like an “art of living” concept much like Yoga or meditation.

For whatever reason, your fetish is part of you — it runs deeply within you. It’s a fundamental part of your identity.  Do something positive with it! Make it a creative expression of your soul.

Make your fetish your “art”! Celebrate rubber!

Seize the Rubber Day! Carpe Rubber Diem!

Seize the Rubber Day! Carpe Rubber Diem!

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Gomu Yoku – the mindfulness practice of immersing yourself in a rubber.


Dear Marla,

Somewhere on the Internet I stumbled across an article on Shinrin Yoku. “Shinrin” is the Japanese word for forest. ”Yoku” means bathing. (Google it!)

Forest bathing? Huh?

The article described it as a mindfulness meditative practice in which you deeply immerse yourself in nature. You walk through a forest and focus all of your attention on the sights, sounds, smells around you. When your mind wanders from that path, gently pull it back on and resume your focus. (No talking!) Apparently it’s a fairly big thing in Japan. It’s also a common practice among monastics.

My devious mind caught on the word “immerse”.


Wasn’t I already involved in immersing myself in Mistress_Hevea’s Spell to wear as much rubber as possible, as often and as long as possible and as erotically as possible?

It suddenly occurred to me that, since that night when Javin discovered my secret, I have become increasingly focused on immersing myself in my rubber fetish, much like the idea of Shinrin Yoku.

Javin said that “Gomu” is the Japanese word for rubber.


Was I practicing “Gomu.Yoku”, the practice of immersing oneself in rubber fetish?

Rubber bathing!

I didn’t sleep much that night. My mind roared with ideas all night. It seemed to me that I may have stumbled upon the the quest I had been looking for — the “pursuit of excellence” which Aristotle talked about as the very basis for happiness.

Rubberspace: a Door of (fetish) Perception

One way to think about the differences in states of consciousness is to think about how our different senses play into our current state of mind.

As suggested by Huxley, some “doors of perception” may be opened just a crack — just enough to let us see brief glimpses of new realms of subjectivity that we had never imagined to even exist. This may let us understand that alternate states do, in fact, exist and perhaps get a preliminary, often hasty and only cursory view of what they may be like. We may not understand them at this point, but now we know they exist. This is the first step in being able to perceive them. 

Most humans are mostly vision oriented. Yes, they have other senses, but vision seems to predominate and be not only our most well-developed of the physical senses, but also what predominates most of our consciousness.

In contrast, a dog or cat also has highly developed sense of hearing and, in particular, smell.

When a dog dreams,  or thinks, does he tend to dream in terms of vision or do smells and sounds play a strong role as well? When we humans think or daydream, how much of our consciousness at that time is oriented to smells??

A dog or cats primary sense of reality probably is oriented much more to smells and sounds than ours are.

Consider, too, that when a human becomes blind (for whatever reason) his senses of hearing and smell become much more acute, even within a fairly short period of time. (i.e. sensate plasticity)

 All of these are examples of different states of consciousness.  EACH SENSE IS, IN FACT, A DOOR OF PERCEPTION.

Rubber space may be a form or state of reality in which our consciousness is primarily oriented to the tactile sense.  it is  a dimension of tactile reality. 

The Tactile Plane of Reality

In fact it is highly focused on a particular kind of tactile sensation:  that of warm, moist, tight rubber against skin. It is womb-like.

It is a state of sensory deprivation (or, perhaps more accurately, of sensory-ignoring) of the other senses such as sight or hearing.  Even when there is some input from the non-tactile senses, it is usually in a rubber context. – If we smell anything, it is probably the odor of latex.

Word play:

  • Sensate focus of Rubber-Tactile reality
  • RubberFeel
  • RubberReality  – Rubberality
  • The RubberPlane
  • RubberCentricism – Rubber Centric Reality

RubberSpace is a condition or state of consciousness focused totally on the sensation of rubber.  Note that this may also include senses of restriction (bondage) or a mild level of asphyxiation (as in gas mask)

@14.0705-0910  In retrospect, RubberSpace is probably better described as a tactile-centric alternate state of consciousness in which a focus tactile awareness of latex induces a state of rubber-centric lucidity. 

The Art of Rubber Fetish

The Art of Rubber Fetish

Dear Marla,

I have been researching for many years and am slowly developing a “theory of happiness”. I think people are happiest when they are growing toward self-actualization. This is often referred to as “transcendence”. That is, they are in the act of becoming who they are. (this is deep Maslowian psychology.)

It is the “quest” aspect of this that is particularly important here, not so much the results, although one needs to feel a  sense of forward movement as encouragement now and then.  In my case, I see my primary identity as that of a Rubberist so I strive to become the “best” Rubberist I can be.  This implies the building of a skill. (I am not sure exactly what “skills” are involved in being a Rubberist, so that is a big part of my exploration.) This does not mean doing it more but, rather, doing it “better” or, more specifically, doing it with a higher level of consciousness — making each moment in rubber more meaningful. It’s all about practicing mindfulness.  (The study of mindfulness is a good place to start!)

For example, a big part of my growth in the last several years has been in developing what I call transcendental rubbering. One aspect of this that I have been working on a lot is applying meditation techniques to my rubbering. Meditation is really nothing more than focused attention.  In my case what I am trying to do is develop the mental skills to keep my mind focused on the sensation of the latex against my skin to the exclusion of attention to all else. This is sort of like a “Zen of Rubbering”, so to speak.

It’s easy to understand the technique but very difficult to do.  Try focusing your mind on anything for more than a few seconds — it’s very hard to do. Even the Zen masters who spend their entire lives in meditation find it a constant battle.  I might add, however, that even if you can only focus for a small snippet of the time, the act of trying to do so can be deeply satisfying.  It is a major source of happiness for me.  It gives me a way to see my fetish as spiritual practice. (Spirituality is NOT the sole province of religion. It refers to the quest to transcend oneself; to evolve towards higher levels of self-actualization; toward becoming who you are.)

Rubbering, then, is my “art”. What is yours?

I think these principles could be applied to other kinds of orientation, such as BDSM, etc.  In fact, they could be applied to just about all aspects of your personal identity.  For example, they could even be utilized in your job.  It’s mostly a question of which ones seem to be the most prominent and deserving of the most attention.

Decide who you think you are and then work at becoming more and better at it.  Make a “practice” of it.

Grow. Evolve.


Living In Rubber.

What is “Living in Rubber”?

“Living in Rubber” probably means different things to different people. However, there are probably some elements we all pretty much hold in common.
Mostly, Living in Rubber (“LIR”) is an attitude (rather than a specific act) that you define for yourself.  It’s a sense of integrating and “normalizing” your fetish with your everyday life.  It’s like living a mantra of “I will wear as much rubber as possible, as long as possible and as often as possible“. The key word here, of course, is “possible”. It is a lifestyle choice in which we deliberately and consciously decide to celebrate our fetish to the greatest extent within our means.

girl on bike

LIR is based in an almost pathological compulsion shared by most deeper Rubberists to be totally enclosed in rubber 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is the special dream that much of the Rubberist Tribe shares. Of course, very few people can actually fulfill this dream. Reality gets in the way. Most people also need to live “regular” lives in which wearing rubber 24/7 is significantly interrupted by family, jobs and society in general. The high cost of latex garments is another significant factor. There are also issues related to body overheating, skin problems, etc.

Consequently, the act of “living in rubber” is, of necessity, a symbolic, ritualized gesture toward the higher ideal of being total enclosure all of the time. It’s really more about not only accepting one’s fetish but also fully recognizing it as our primary identity and being joyful in that. LIR is a celebration of who we are. We make our fetish sacred. We give it meaning.

We make it special… deliberately!

Rubber fetish as a “Practice”

Our culture is obsessively oriented to accomplish goals. So much so, that we miss the richness of the striving.

While important for base survival (food, clothing, shelter) an obsessively goal-oriented society is very prone to disenchantment because all their efforts are focused on the future rather than Being Here Now.
Being Here Now happens on the path, not at the destination.
A “practice” has a goal of continually becoming better at something without end. The goal is to be better now, not later, nor is it to reach some destination. A “practice” is ongoing.
If there is a goal to a practice, it must remain somewhere on the path.
Practicing implies growing. It implies exploration, experimentation, learning, and pioneering. It is a search for meaning that is ongoing.
A practice is not a means to an end; it IS the end.
A “spiritual practice” implies the exploration of consciousness to expand perceptions of reality on an unending basis.
“Practicing” our rubber fetish gives it meaning. It makes it a “spiritual practice”.
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What is a “Deep” Rubberist?


In my upcoming novel “Becoming Rubber”, protagonist Carlee Koster finds herself on a spiritual Quest in which she is delightfully compelled to “go so far into my fetish that I might even come out the other side.”

Well, thank you, Carlee. That sort of explains the whole “Deep Rubberist” enchilada.

A Deep Rubberist is a sort of “nunk” (nun + monk) focused on a path of deep inner exploration. They often dive so deeply into their fetish that they often become non-binary. They fly solo..

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Enchantment & Purpose


IF I step back and try to describe the synthesis of what Moore, Csikszentmihalyi, Watts, and other authors have taught me, the words that first come to mind are “enchantment”, “attention” and “meaning”.

enchanted forestWhat is “enchantment? Why do we want it? This is a tough one to answer.  Moore refers to it as a feeling that comes over us which affects our hearts and perceptions. It is something that controls and, perhaps even guides, affects, and “pushes” our lives in a particular direction. It could be thought of as a “magic spell” right out of a fairy tale such as Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella. What is the magic that makes Rubberists so attracted to rubber?

 Fetish is a strong example of an enchantment.

Rubberists have been “enchanted” in the deepest sense of the word.

Meaning alludes to Purpose in the philosophical sense. The Greeks referred to this as “Entelechia” which means, roughly, “the drive from within to fulfill Purpose”. The Meaning we derive from fulfilling our Purpose is what gives value to our lives. Viktor Frankl and Csikszentmihalyi both suggest that the things we do which affect the course of history are what give the most Meaning to our lives. Of course, this is non-judgmental — if one negatively affects the future, there is still Meaning, but it is negative.

The pursuit of meaning is a primary source of enchantment. It engages us…it is Flow.

RubberNauting is an exploration in giving positive Meaning to our Rubber Fetish. It seeks to find ways to create value from this weird attraction we have for rubber. It seeks ways to do something positive, noteworthy, and honorable with our fetish– to somehow make the world a better place through it.

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The “practice” of Rubber Fetish


A “Practice” is a rather elusive concept.

Thinking of your rubber fetish as a “practice” is a way of saying it has Purpose.

Your purpose may be to simply “feel good” or maybe it is a bit deeper. You may, for example, wear rubber to help you find your “center”. Some may think of a “heavy rubber session” as a way of cleansing themselves of the cares of the world. It may be a kind of catharsis, etc.

Purpose is a little bit different from having a “goal”. A goal, such as climbing a mountain or moving to Buenos Aires has a specific, identifyable ending. In contrast, a “practice” is open-ended. It is “what you do”, and always will. For example, the “practice” of a doctor is to heal the sick, which never really has an ending.

The process of thinking of doing your rubber fetish activities as part of your “Rubberist practice” gives them reason de ‘etre, or a sense of purpose. You do them for a reason. The more you can define or, at least explain, your purpose for wearing rubber, the more you justify and validate it to yourself and the rest of the world. (Hint: don’t get lost in psychobabble about how you got to be a Rubberist. Concentrate, instead, on why you find satisfaction in being one!)

Why do YOU “practice” your rubber fetish? Think about it!

What is Fetishamanism?

What is Fetishamanism?

A fetishaman is someone who uses the energy of his/her fetish as a catalyst or conduit – a “gateway” – to altered states of consciousness as a means to exploring the full depth and breadth of reality.

According to anthropologist Dr. Michael Harner, widely regarded as the world’s foremost authority on shamanism, traditional shamanism has roots that go back 30-40,000 years to the very dawn of humanity.  It is often described as the “oldest religion” although it may not actually be a religion in the modern sense of the term. When stripped of it’s more localized cultural baggage, what is left is a “technology” for attaining alternate states of consciousness or “ASC’s”. These “technologies” include chanting, drumming, sensory deprivation, sensory overload, use of hallucinogenic or entheogenic drugs and gases, sweat lodges, fasting, dancing, lucid dream inducement, hypnotic trances, meditation, orgasm stimulation/denial and many other esoteric techniques which induce an ASC, usually by orchestrating subtle changes in neurochemistry and physiology. Harner refers to this stripped down version as “core shamanism”.
A “fetishaman”, then, is a “technologist of altered states of consciousness” who employs fetish practice as a means. 

Mircea Eliade, another well-known expert on shamanism, refers to it as a “technology of ecstasy”, which he defines as a “slipping out of ordinary reality”.

“Slipping out” of ordinary reality is probably one of the most significant ways to explore who you really are and to expand your understanding of the universe. This quest to transcend yourself is a function of mysticism that is hard wired into your being and is one of the primary characteristics of humanity that separates us from all other animals.

It is all about waking up to who you really are. Most people are asleep in this respect. You are special… Something has stirred you to the quest!

It’s important to note that while many shaman use their abilities to promote healing in some way, this aspect is not specific to all cultures. Many shaman are not healers, such as Casteneda’s Don Juan Matus. Healing is not integral to the definition of shamanism.

If you integrate fetishism into shamanism you get a technology of alternate consciousness that is driven by the energy of sexuality. It is similar to neo-tantra in some ways.  It becomes a technology of alternate consciousness that includes a very strong motivational force pushing you to practice it. For example, if you develop a practice of meditating in total Rubber Enclosure, the thought of putting on your catsuit to go meditate at 3:00a.m. will suck you out of bed and onto your meditation cushion at an ungodly time when little else will. It motivates you to meditate! What other driving force will get you out of bed at the hour of the morning?

Fetishamanism is the practice of core shamanism utilizing a fetish as a catalyst and the primary focusing principle .  You might say that Fetishamanism is modern shamanism with fetish added as it’s cultural baggage.