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Rubbergating — Transmuting Fetishism into an Asset

One of the most important aspects of a “practice” is a profound sense of working towards mastery of something, an on-going development or acquisition of open-ended skills in which one gradually becomes more proficient at but for which there is always, always, always more room for further growth.

The quest for growth is hard-wired into the human soul and is what separates us from all other animals. Growth is one of the more fundamental ingredients of Flow, which ultimately contributes to a sense of happiness and, perhaps, some “ataraxia” (Greek philosophical term for “mind at peace”). A sense of growth gives us a reason to continue our work. It becomes an end in itself which never actually ends.

“Spirit” is energy that strives for growth. “Soul” is the path that it takes. (orig)

When we are growing we are alive — really alive. When we stop growing, we start dying. When we are not growing, we experience what shamans call “soul loss”, a sense of emptiness and purposelessness. It is the sense of Sartre’s “no exit”. Growing gives us a sense of direction and meaning to our lives. It’s an ongoing process.

It’s the path, Stupid!

Traditionally, fetish is not a skill. It is an activity which satisfies a biological urge and then is done until the next time that urge arises. There is no growth. One does not ”get better” or grow more skilful at fetish in the traditional sense. “Development” is not usually a dynamic. Traditional fetish is not a practice. It’s just an something through which (for whatever reason) is a somewhat stagnant enchantment. It grows some, sure, but it does not come close to the Zen-like journeys which those who seek higher worlds may eventually begin to see.

Our presumption is that our fetish is both a major source of drive and energy to our lives as well as one of our primary identities. It enchants us, for whatever reason, very powerfully. It’s not going to go away.

The main thrust of our work is to seek out and discover new methodologies with which fetish can be transformed into a practice — something through which one continually meets challenges and acquires new skills in doing. Fetish is an “engine”, a driving force but, for most people, it is not not a pathway for growth. We try to find ways to grow through our fetish. We try to transmute our fetish into a path.

So, why don’t we find ways to use our fetish to further enchant and enrich our lives? Why don’t we find ways to transform it into a deeply satisfying flow activity? Why not try to use it as a catalyst or conduit to transcending ourselves, to go beyond what we are now?

I have referred to this as “RubberGating” |®| — to use our fetish to transport us through the “gateway” to transcendent modes of being. To transform us into becoming more or bigger than we already are. …to deliberately and consciously choose to explore and pioneer ways to use our fetish as a means to making us happier.

We attempt to “engineer” our subjective experience.

It is important to understand that using a rubber fetish as a gateway to transcendental exploration is certainly not the only path, nor is it even especially well suited to it. And it is probably somewhat limited to those few thousand or so people on this planet who are the sort of deep Rubberist which has the right spirit for this. However, it is already a very strong force in our lives, and RubberGating may simply be good way to harness that force to our advantage. We’ve already got the fetish– why not use it for something good.

Rubbergating is the act of choosing to regard one’s fetish as an asset rather than a liability. Our fetish becomes our path.


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