Living In Rubber.

What is “Living in Rubber”?

“Living in Rubber” probably means different things to different people. However, there are probably some elements we all pretty much hold in common.
Mostly, Living in Rubber (“LIR”) is an attitude (rather than a specific act) that you define for yourself.  It’s a sense of integrating and “normalizing” your fetish with your everyday life.  It’s like living a mantra of “I will wear as much rubber as possible, as long as possible and as often as possible“. The key word here, of course, is “possible”. It is a lifestyle choice in which we deliberately and consciously decide to celebrate our fetish to the greatest extent within our means.

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LIR is based in an almost pathological compulsion shared by most deeper Rubberists to be totally enclosed in rubber 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is the special dream that much of the Rubberist Tribe shares. Of course, very few people can actually fulfill this dream. Reality gets in the way. Most people also need to live “regular” lives in which wearing rubber 24/7 is significantly interrupted by family, jobs and society in general. The high cost of latex garments is another significant factor. There are also issues related to body overheating, skin problems, etc.

Consequently, the act of “living in rubber” is, of necessity, a symbolic, ritualized gesture toward the higher ideal of being total enclosure all of the time. It’s really more about not only accepting one’s fetish but also fully recognizing it as our primary identity and being joyful in that. LIR is a celebration of who we are. We make our fetish sacred. We give it meaning.

We make it special… deliberately!

2 thoughts on “Living In Rubber.

  1. Am quite elderly now and have devoted most of my life to rubber. I always wear at least some rubber day and night. As a teenager I was highly turned on by rubber, mostly bought from surplus shops. As I grew older my love of rubber became much more deep. I just wanted to adore and celebrate rubber.
    Now my dream is to be possibly a “rubbernunk”. By this It would involve losing contact with my family, this is almost done. More difficult would be to lose my friends, but my desire runs so deep that I could with difficulty do this. I only wish somewhere in the World there could be a community closed off from society to contain a group of rubberists. Not for sex, but just to worship rubber. No doubt sex might
    occur, but the main object would be to dress in rubber continually, but to have no contact if possible with the outside world. Obviously there would have to be a senior figure who would organise this.
    You might think this a dream, but at eighty odd, I could easily become a rubber follower or “nunk”
    Tell me I am a dreamer.

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