What is a “Deep” Rubberist?


In “Becoming Rubber”, protagonist Carlee Koster finds herself on a spiritual Quest in which she is delightfully compelled to “go so far into my fetish that I might even come out the other side.”

Well, thank you, Carlee. That sort of explains the whole “Deep Rubberist” enchilada.

A Deep Rubberist is a sort of “nunk” (nun + monk) focused on a path of deep inner exploration. They often dive so deeply into their fetish that they often become non-binary. They fly solo..

image by GearImages

One thought on “What is a “Deep” Rubberist?

  1. Important & URGENT – Right in the middle or reading the story the file vanished. And there may be a writer/collaborator in the wind. PLEASE, please Please resent a copy of the Novel a.s.a.p. Thanks!


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