Month: February 2021

Making Rubber Fetish into a Practice


If we are to find a way to adapt rubber fetish into a practice, we must find and define some challenges. We need to find or build some mountains to climb that somehow involve wearing rubber deeply. We’ll need a long-term goal — or ‘quest’ — to continually strive for and dump our passion into.

“Happiness comes from the pursuit of excellence” – Aristotle.

The act of developing some sort of skill set comes to mind. Skill development of any kind often implies a field of lifelong growth in the “pursuit of excellence”. It is an end in itself. What could Rubberists work at that inspires ongoing development of rubber-related skills or the acquisition of new knowledge or abilities? There are not many obvious avenues of skill-building that are specific to fetish.

The protagonist in the novel I am working on has submitted herself to her fetish as a sort of metaphorical “mistress” and wants nothing more than to please her. Her life mantra becomes “I will wear as much rubber as possible, as long as possible and as fully consciously as possible.”

Now there is a “mountain” you might climb.