Month: March 2020

Rubber Fetish: sexual vs. sensual

All Rubberists are unique–no two are alike. However, one possible way to reasonably describe one aspect of Rubberism is where the person falls on a continuum between being totally “sexual” and totally “lifestyle”. I’ll posit that this is directly related to age or, more specifically, youthful virility. The younger we are, the more our sexual hormones rule our lives. As we grow older and those hormones begin to “relax” and our fetish evolves more into being a lifestyle attribute. Oh sure, we are all sexual in our fetish to some degree, even in our old age, and it never really goes away completely. But, increasingly as we grow older, (and sex becomes, as George Burns puts it, “like trying to play billiards with a rope”) the nature of our fetish expansively evolves to a broader view of our activities. These include enhancement of the sensual as opposed to the sexual, the development of a subculture, etc. It may become more of a social function in that sense.