Month: January 2017

An Act of Devotion – The “Unbroken Chain”

“I was reading some rubberotica literature to help me understand you better, as you suggested.” Javin laid a piece of paper in front of me with this quote printed on it:

“Where someone is considering joining the Order of Latex Enlightenment, they have to go through a discernment process to see if a life in rubber is really for them. I've lost track of how many customers tell me it's their dream, but when I start to show them the path, soon decide that the reality is not for them. If you're already wearing a little rubber every day, the natural next step is a practice we call “the unbroken chain”. This is what makes the idea of 24:7 rubber possible. No-one could be in head to toe total enclosure latex 24:7. “The unbroken chain” means that at all times you are wearing at least one item of latex. So before taking off your latex bra, you'd put on some more rubber, like a latex swim cap before you take a shower.”

“That’s from the ‘Order of Latex Enlightenment’ by MissRubberE”, he said. “It was a really fascinating read. It gave me a sense of just how important the “24/7/365″ aspect of your thing is, Carlee. I can see that you It is an act of devotion, I think.”

Javin continued, “From what I can tell, there seems to be a small but fairly vocal group of Rubberists around the world who recognize the same urge to be in rubber all the time. MissRubberE’s ‘Life_In_Rubber’ concept is an example of what you might be what you call ‘deep rubber‘.  It seems to be an “urge” that is common to many of them which could make it an archetypal term. One might even call it a form of ‘penance’ to Mistress_Hevea, a metaphorical personification of rubber fetish, itself, as a goddess.”

“Wow! That’s a cool idea. Do you think I ought to do that”, I asked?