Rubber as an Enchantment

Rubber as Enchantment

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It seems rather obvious.  The one thing that all “Deep” Rubberists share in common is that we are enchanted by rubber. Deeply enchanted.

This is not a lightweight enchantment.  It’s not like being attracted to the way someone looks or the taste of a particular food or the sound of your favorite piece of music.

Our fetish is a seriously heavyweight enchantment.  There is a “magnetism” here that profoundly affects us.

This is deep magic spell stuff.

Rubber (or latex, PVC, etc.) is a primary motivator for us. It is driven by our sexuality which is the most powerful instinct in any living thing. In most Deep Rubberists, our almost magical attraction to rubber is so active and energized that it tends to occupy a major part of our personal identity. Rubber rules much of lives, our thinking, our desires and what we do from day to day.

Most of us were probably born with our fetish or mysteriously acquired it later on.  Bam! We wake one day with a full-blown rubber fetish. Somehow rubber casts it’s spell on us. Bam! We’re hooked!

There was no choice involved. We are Rubberists and that’s a fact. It’s an integral part of us and is not going to go away. For better or for worse, we’re stuck with it.

But we do have a choice on how we react to this “spell”. We can see it as a negative thing and try to repress it, but most of us older Rubberists have found that not only does repression not work, all that repression does in the end is simply make us miserable. Many of us have burned or discarded all of our (expensive) rubber clothing in a fit of anger or grief to purge ourselves of their enchantment over us. It never works for very long. Eventually we start to build a new wardrobe of rubber garments.

Enchantment- resistance is futile

The other choice we have is to view our fetish as a gift that we can use to make our lives happier and richer. This may involve a 180 degree change in our attitudes toward ourselves and how society views us, but that is a matter of choice that belongs to us.

Our fetish is not a “bug”. It’s a feature!

The choice is yours. Either you can be miserable as a Rubberist or you can search for ways to make it the most amazing, wonderful experience possible.  We can decide to make it a source of happiness, rather than grief and misery, for us.

Which way do you choose?




2 thoughts on “Rubber as an Enchantment

  1. After a critical change in life last year, i started to embrace my love for latex.
    It has been a wonderful change, i now live a life where rubber is playing a big part, i wear it almost daily, it really gives me that calmness, and i feel more fulfilled, now that i don’t have to hide it away, and feel wrong about what i am wearing.
    I believe, that latex is such a wonderful material, it stimulates so many senses at once, i just feel a deep love to it, i just wish more people, who is hiding their love for latex, would start embrace it, and face the fact that it is a part of who they are, that cannot get removed.


  2. Well spoken, Jakob.

    “This, above all,
    Only then, as the day follows,
    Thou canst not be false to any man.”



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