Month: May 2015

Rubber fetish as a “Practice”

Our culture is obsessively oriented to accomplish goals. So much so, in fact, that we miss the richness of the striving.

While important for base survival (food, clothing, shelter) an obsessively goal oriented society is very prone to disenchantment because of all their efforts are focused on the future rather than Being Here Now.
Being here now is on the path, not arriving at the destination.
A “practice” has a goal of continually becoming better at something without end. The goal is to be better now, not later, nor is it to reach some destination. A “practice” is ongoing.
If there is a goal to a practice, it must remain somewhere on the path.
Practicing implies growing. It implies exploration, experimentation, learning, and pioneering. It is a search for meaning that is ongoing.
A practice is not a means to an end; it IS the end.
A “spiritual practice” implies exploration of consciousness to expand perceptions of reality on an unending basis.
“Practicing” our rubber fetish gives it meaning. It makes it a “spiritual practice”.
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RubberSpacing (verb) the act of inducing, focusing on and enriching a womb-like environment, sensation and mindset. The inducement of  a dreamy state of profound comfort and reverie, not unlike what we probably experienced while in the womb. It is often experienced in T/E (“Total Enclosure”).
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Sensory deprivation and immobilization are environments which may help induce RubberSpace.
The ability to meditate conventionally may also be a foundational skill which may help one deepen and enrich the RubberSpace experience. E.g., counted breathing coupled with scanning may help meld the two as an aspect of RubberSpace
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