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RubberSoul — Entelechia of fetish

The Greeks had a word describing the rather difficult concept of RubberSoul that I am trying to convey here:

`Entelechia: (En-tell-leck-ee-uh)
A particular type of motivation, need for self-determination, and inner strength directing life and growth to become all one is capable of being. It is the need to actualize one’s beliefs. It is having a personal vision and being able to actualize that vision from within. [Aristotelian philosophy.]

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Basically, it means “the drive from within to fulfill Purpose”

Entelechia is the foundation of RubberSoul. It is about striving to express your rubber-self to the fullest through the way you live your life. It is “the drive from within to fulfill Function or Purpose through rubber”. It’s the practice of taking an otherwise mundane fetish, based in mere sexuality and turning it into a creative art form as a means to expressing yourself.

It’s about engaging in the practice of being pro-active rather than re-active in wearing rubber.

Steffy, RubberJohn, Sealed and LatexLadyII are some of the more spectacular examples of how people have turned their lives into a kind of truly Rubberist art form. The moderators of the IAR, including myself, have adopted the building and maintaining of this community as one means to practicing our RubberSoul. Most people who have discovered an appetite for designing and creating rubber garments are practicing another aspect of RubberSoul.

People engaged in a DOM/sub relationship practice a kind of “personal theater” which is an example of the striving for deep, personal expression for an “audience” of two.

Recognize that expressing your RubberSoul does NOT need to be “public” or something you do 24 hours a day. It can be a very private, personal thing that you do only now and then.

It is also important to understand and accept that not only does every Rubberist have a different mix and degree of desires to seek personal fulfillment through rubber but their means and abilities will also vary widely as well.

When you begin to regard what you do in rubber as practicing a kind of “personal” artform, you are on your way to RubberSoul!

The problem now becomes, where is the “line” between mundane, reactive rubbering and the proactive, practice of RubberEntelechia?

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Rubber as Amulet

Moore refers to an amulet as “an object chosen for it’s constituent material” which invites a particular spirit. [MOOR-EHCHANT.208]
A latex catsuit is an amulet in this sense.  It is chosen because the latex invokes a particular kind of “spell” over the wearer.  It’s a “magic suit”.
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Why Eroticize?

The basic idea of Tantra is to channel energies created in the genital chakras to other places in the body to revitalize the whole organism.
If we wear rubber and otherwise sexually stimulate ourselves while doing other tasks, does it not follow that some of the sexual energy generated will be focused on that task?
Isn’t this what Napoleon Hill was talking about in Think and Grow Rich?
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Fetish as an Ecstatic Practice

     Perhaps the most foundational principle of fetishamanism is the idea that fetish can be used to “drive” an ecstatic practice.
     Ecstatic Practice is a total involvement with an object of interest to deliberately produce an altered state of consciousness. It is characterized as diminished awareness of other objects or total lack of the awareness of surroundings and everything around the object.  Subjective perception of time, space and/or self may strongly change or disappear during ecstasy. The word is often used in mild sense, to refer to any heightened state of consciousness or intense pleasant experience. It is also used more specifically to denote states of awareness of non-ordinary mental spaces, which may be perceived as spiritual (the latter type of ecstasy often takes the form of religious ecstasy). (from Wikipedia: Ecstasy (Emotional))
     Ecstatic practice is often equated with “spiritual practice”, but that word carries a lot of baggage with it– it is usually construed to mean something like “reaching for God” and, therefore, often has religious overtones. “Spiritual” scares a lot of people away while it may attract the very people who are most likely to consider fetish as evil or unsavory. In constrast, “ecstacy” has a more generic foundation and, if anything, is more likely to be equated with extreme happiness, rapture or exalted states of mind without religious baggage.
     Many regard “spirituality” as the quest for oneself. It is the act of trying to transcend oneself toward all that he can be.
This, above all,
To thine own self be true,
and, as the day follows the night,
thou canst not be false to any man.
     Sexuality is behind almost everything we do. It is one of the most powerful and pervasive forces evident in all living things. Sex makes the world go round! Why not harness the sexual energy of fetishism to “push” us into ecstacy? How can we integrate fetish into an ecstatic practice?
     There are two aspects of fetish which play here.
     The first part is that fetish is an expression of who you are. It’s part of your identity and, probably, a fairly significant part, as well.   To strive to be all of the Rubberist that you can be is a big part of self-actualizing yourself in the Maslowian sense.
     The second part is that fetish can be a motive force behind spirituality.  The drive to survive as both individual and as a species is one of the strongest forces in any living thing on this planet.  There is enormous energy there and it tends to be at the root of almost anything we do.  If the sexual energy that underlies fetish can somehow be applied to the spiritual quest — possibly by eroticizing it’s activities, then there will be a strong force toward accomplishing that quest. It’s the kind of thing that can get you out of bed at 3a.m. to meditate if you know that it is also connected to sexual activity. (Although, it would seem that there is no end to it.  The quest is all about climbing the mountain, not reaching it’s summit.)

“Embryonic” State of Mind

SPIRITUALITY: the deliberate, ongoing practice of seeking expanded consciousness.
PRACTICE: is an important aspect as it denotes activity and striving rather than passive receptivity. It is proactive rather than reactive.
While TE (“Total Enclosure”) may address much of the probable physical sensation of returning to home, we forget about the mental side of it. What does an embryo experience mentally? Surely, there are all the sensory impulses. But embryos have no experience with the outside world. They do not see daylight or have language or any kind of cultural experience.
They are just here, now. They are simply aware.
Perhaps attaining an “embryonic mind state” is the actual goal of mindfulness meditation–it becomes simply aware of the Now–to return to the mental womb. Perhaps one should focus on  techniques for being simply aware.
Those who spend time in flotation/isolation tanks, a similar environment, report heightened creativity and, especially, profoundly deep peace.
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Here is one possible technique for doing this:
Imagine being in TE and equipped with studio grade isolation earphones. Mount microphones your abdomen, heart and nostrils. Pipe those sounds into the earphones so the you can hear your various noises but nothing else. Climb into an inflatable latex sack similar to a womb. After a few hours what you experience? Once your mind settles down, what would your mental stream be like? If you did this for a few hours each night for a week or two, how would this affect you in the longer term? With this tend to be beneficial or would it cause you to become neurotic?
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Fetish as Sacred

In DUNE (by Frank Herbert  -the 1980s version of the movie) there is a scene where the mentat, who worked for the Baron Harkonnen, recites a special mantra as he drinks his sapho:
“It is by will alone I set my mind in motion. It is by the juice of Sapho that thoughts acquire speed, the lips acquire stains, the stains become a warning. It is by will alone I set my mind in motion.”
This small ritual is intended to mark his action of drinking this Safu juice as a sacred, important thing. It reminds him that what he is doing is rather special–enough so that it is ceremonialized.
It also emphasizes to himself that he is a mentat–a very special person with a very special title, and very special capabilities.
What similar mantra should a  RubberNunk repeat as he or she puts on her more sacred rubber garments, such as a ceremonial glove. The glove, itself, is a symbol of his fetish which he intends to make special or sacred.
(orig) “rubber fetish is a gift to those who will regard it as so.”
Possible mantra:
“with this glove I reinforce my choice to regard my fetish as a gift rather than a curse. Through my fetish I choose to become stronger. Through my fetish I choose to seek out the meaning of my life to continually transcend today what I was yesterday.”
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RubberSpacing (verb) the practice of inducing, focusing on and enriching a womb-like environment, sensation and mindset. The inducement of  a dreamy state of profound comfort and reverie, not unlike what we probably experienced while in the womb. It is often experienced in T/E (“Total Enclosure”) .
Sensory deprivation and immobilization are environments which may help induce RubberSpace.
The ability to meditate conventionally may also be a foundational skill which may help one deepen and enrich the RubberSpace experience. E.g., counted breathing coupled with scanning the sensation of latex against the skin may help meld the two as an aspect of RubberSpace
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