Our fetish affects our entire life.

For many Rubberists, the fetish permeates all levels of our lives. It is always with us in one way or another. Obviously, it affects our sexuality rather blatantly. But it also affects other things we do  in much more subtle ways. For example, it may profoundly affect how we see ourselves–our self-esteem–how we deal with human relationships, etc.

Those who have trouble accepting their fetish–either from their own perspective or as the result of how others treat and feel about them. This may make them feel “dirty” or “perverted” or otherwise unworthy. These all may greatly affect the general demeanor one’s life. It can be an influence in our lives of such magnitude that it may be a major source of happiness–or sadness– in our lives.

I wonder if fetish may also contribute to introversion and as a personality trait. Fetish is inherently “solo” so it may influence whether we look outward or inward.

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