What is a “RubberNunk”?

A RubberNunk is a monastic who seeks to continually transcend him/herself specifically through her rubber fetish as the primary focus of her life. He regards his fetish as a kind of “monastery” into which he becomes “self-ordained” as a Nunk after passing some significant, personally-imposed initiation activity that tests his resolve and perseverance over a period of several years. Nunks are are solo agents unrelated to any organization or religion.
The word “Nunk” is derived from Nun + Monk to indicate gender neutrality, but without any sort of religious connotation beyond basic spirituality, which is the quest for personal growth and inspiration; i.e. transcendence.  One could study to become a RubberNunk whilst still holding a regular job, having a family and going to church on Sunday.  It is all a matter of degree of life-focus based on circumstances and motivation levels.
A “monastic” is someone who focuses on one thing in life to the practical exclusion of most everything else as much as possible.  A deep monastic, such as a monk, devotes his entire life to some single purpose. (It does not, by the way, have to be religious in nature.  The church does not have a monopoly on the term.) Depending upon the depth of his goal, he may “renounce” all other aspects of life -even that of food, clothing and shelter (become a beggar), so that he may study or contemplate his vision or goal to the point of being an ascetic. I’m not, however, suggesting that one needs to become a beggar to become a rubber monastic but a significant degree of personal focus is necessary.

Note that it is entirely possible, within this definition, to be a “monastic” and also have a day job, a family and a fairly normal “life”.  The key words in the definition above are “focuses” and “practical exclusion”.  Monasticism is a matter of deciding what your focus is to be about and working your life around to meet that.
Above all, a RubberNunk has made a deliberate decision to utilize rubber fetish as a path to “happiness”.  “Happiness is activity in pursuit of excellence” ( Aristotle). It was the ancient Greeks who began to realize that happiness is an attainable goal rather than a “gift of the gods”. We make our own happiness.  It is much, much more than pleasure — happiness is an attitude about life that makes us feel good over time. Happiness is the result of an internal process, not an external event.  Happiness is not hedonism nor is it the pursuit of wealth or pleasure.  It comes from the quest to evolve personally– to grow. The operative word here is “quest”.

A RubberNunk transforms his fetish from something he merely “does” to something he “practices”. He regards his fetish as a skill that he passionately strives to continually learn, develop and master over his life.

Why would one want to become a RubberNunk? The biggest reason that jumps out at me is that it changes the very nature of one’s fetish from an activity  driven by hormones to a practice inspired by a mental concept. Your fetish becomes a quest.  It is the acknowledgement that “I am a Rubberist” and the conscious decision that “I will be the best Rubberist I can be”. It is a decision to choose rubber fetish as a path to self-actualization. It is as decision to climb Maslow’s Mountain in a rubber suit because that is who you are.

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